Working for Prevention


The Unseen Effects of Stress

The pace of modern life seems to go faster with each passing week, and many people believe this is a major cause of stress. For some it could be true, but there are many things that cause it. Modern management practices can be a source of it, and even family situations that are not working well can be part of what is causing it. It matters little how it is being caused if a person has no way to escape it, and the effects of stress on the body can be devastating over time.

Concern over issues that have arisen in life is one of the major causes of stress, but it appears that many of these issues have no solution in the modern world. A person who has a supervisor at work that plays favourites might not be able to avoid conflict at work unless they simply say nothing, and it can build into anger and rage over time. Their body is paying the price of keeping the situation stable, and it can affect their intestinal system as the weeks and months pass. They might eventually develop a stomach ulcer if they can find no way to alleviate this situation.

One of the main things stress does to the body is to wear it down, and the erosion can affect almost any system. It can begin with being unable to get a good night’s rest as the mind continues to go around in circles trying to find a solution, and this will in turn keep the body’s natural ability to heal its systems from working. It can present as a heart attack or stroke if it goes on too long, and there is little that can be done until a major event occurs.

Medical intervention for stress is often neglected because people are unaware that anything can be done. Many physicians recommend exercise as a way to reduce the effects of stress, and they might further suggest trying yoga, pilates or meditation. These will not make any changes to the condition causing the actual stress, but they can at least help alleviate the symptoms.